Toil and Trouble by Monica Knightley

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Toil and Trouble by Monica Knightley (The Stratford Upon Avondale Mysteries Book 10)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Two weeks in Tuscany. Beautiful vistas. Delicious foods and wines. And a murdered farmer.

Maggie O’Flynn and Gina Mattucci have barely arrived in glorious Tuscany when they happen upon the body of a local farmer. These two weeks were to be spent experiencing the glories of Italy. And supposedly helping Gina’s aunt to bring in her olive harvest. Getting wrapped up in a murder investigation was definitely not on the trip’s itinerary.

They soon discover that Aunt Marzia’s Tuscan village is populated with every kind of quirky character. Any of who could have murdered the farmer, Lorenzo. But who? The eccentric village mayor who is beloved by all, with the exception of Aunt Marzia? The jilted lover? The widow? The neighboring farmer whose stolen truffles were found in the dead man’s barn?

As Maggie and Gina attempt to mix olive harvesting with sleuthing and sightseeing they may make a misstep or two. Perhaps they find themselves on the wrong side of the local police. They may cross the wrong people. Maybe do a favor for the wrong person.

Certainly, it would be easier if they just stuck to harvesting olives. But that’s not going to happen!

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