Too Far Gone by Robert Enright

Too Far Gone

Too Far Gone by Robert Enright (Sam Pope Series Book 4)
English | 2020 | Thriller & Crime | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Robert Enright was born in North London and resides in Chesham, Buckinghamshire with his wife, working earnestly to write for a living and dreaming of the day he can get a dog. He is the author of the international best selling Sam Pope series as well as the Bermuda Jones series.

Every Fight Must End…

After surviving the onslaught of Blackridge in Rome, Sam Pope has been lying low in Italy. With the world changing files in his possession, Sam is faced with the choice of disappearing or bringing down General Wallace for good. When it becomes apparent that his fight will eventually cost him all those he keeps dear, Sam returns to the UK to finally bring it all to an end.

To bring down Wallace. To discover the truth about Project Hailstorm.

General Wallace is watching. Waiting. The moment Sam Pope appears on the map, he will take him down. But he isn’t the only person who wants the truth kept buried and a dangerous ally emerges. Whilst their truce is a shaky one, they share one goal – to take out Sam Pope and keep Project Hailstorm hidden from the world. Set on a collision course, Sam and Wallace know there is only one way the fight ends.

The pain had brought him to the edge where the solace he could find was in the mercy of others. Eventually, the path led him to some of London’s most notorious criminals and their despicable acts upon the innocent. While Sam knew the fight would never bring his son back, the thought of stopping others suffering the same fate at least brought a moment of peace.

It had made him the UK’s most wanted man.

It had made him the underworld’s most feared opponent.

And it had brought him to the brink of death.

Now here he was, running through the streets of Naples, trying his hardest to return to a war he knew he would never escape.

Training to fight back.

Rounding a corner, Sam almost collided with two elderly women, one of them barking at him in a thick, Italian accent. He held his hands up in way of apology, before picking up the pace as he headed onto the street of his temporary abode. The wide streets were already crammed with cars, the slowly rising sun cutting through the grey clouds and bouncing off their windscreens. The streets were lined with tall, stone buildings, all of them filled with a myriad of shops and flats.

The city hummed with life, the cacophony of traffic bouncing off the brick framework of the surrounding buildings.

Sam knew he was far from home.

Away from the fight.

But through all the noise, he could hear it calling.

Reducing his sprint to a gentle jog, Sam came to a stop as he approached the alleyway, taking a few moments to calm his heart rate, and stretched his legs. He had run over ten kilometres and felt a slight stiffness in his shoulder. The bullet wound had healed, but from the friction he felt, he knew the damage was likely to be permanent.

Stretching out his back, he walked towards the metal fire escape that clung to the building like a rusty, metallic arm. The steps were coated in a shiny drizzle and Sam navigated them carefully. As he approached the top, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the key, twisting it sharply in the lock before slamming his shoulder into the stiff door.

The apartment was cheap, and the door was a testament to the price.

But it was all they could afford.

Well, all Alex could afford.

Sam knew he owed Alex Stone his life. As part of the team who had blackmailed him into hunting his own mentor, they’d bonded over their shared hatred for the man in charge.

Trevor Sims.

The man had been a high-ranking official in the United States army, but had soon sold out for the lucrative world of private security. His lust for power and lack of ethics had seen him command a brutal task force.

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