Too Many Suspects by EB Corbin

Too Many Suspects

Too Many Suspects by EB Corbin : Book Three in the Roxanne Boudreaux Trilogy
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.5 Mb

Too Many Suspects : The thrilling conclusion of the Roxanne Boudreaux Trilogy!
Roxanne’s new life in Oilville, PA has become a tangled web of deceit, danger and death. Two members of the IRA have escaped after killing the former US ambassador to Ireland, Chester Callahan, and now a sniper is taking shots at Roxanne and the people closest to her.
Her mother is determined to find the five million dollars in IRA money that’s been buried somewhere around Oilville for more than thirty years, despite a dark SUV tailing her and the true motives of the IRA unknown.
And worst of all, is the man she’s slowly coming to trust, Diplomatic Security Services Agent John Callahan, all part of the scheme? Roxanne feels responsible for his grandfather’s murder, although John insists it’s only the fault of the IRA members he’s tracking. But when rumors start flying like the sniper’s bullets, who can she count on?
No one suspects the person behind it all until it’s too late.
Roxanne’s last bullet may hold the answer. It could be the salvation of John Callahan, bring closure to her mother’s quest, and save her own life…if her aim is true.

“Sorry… I thought you saw me coming.”

She inhaled sharply. “I didn’t mean to snap at you. It’s just that…”

“I know. You don’t want to be around in case there’s fireworks.” Callahan removed the glass pot from her hand and rinsed it in the sink behind the counter before he gradually filled it with cold water.

“Surely they wouldn’t be that disrespectful.” Roxanne reached for the coffeepot, in an attempt to steady herself after voicing her greatest fear.

Callahan kept it just out of range. “I think you need to join them.”

“I… I can’t. I already feel awkward enough around your family. I don’t need to add to it.” She took a step back from him.

“Awkward? What did they do to make you feel like that?”

“Nothing. They’ve been kind and gracious—considering why they’re here. I just feel so guilty about Chester.” She wanted to add that she could hardly look into his eyes either, but they’d been over that before. She was responsible for Chester getting shot. Callahan insisted she was not. But she knew better—no matter how many excuses he made for her.

He gave her a tiny shove. “Go. Don’t keep avoiding them.”

As Roxanne wound through the throngs of people, she heard Kate Williams calling her name from another booth where the innkeeper sat with her son, Jonathon, and Callahan’s niece and nephew. “The kids are getting antsy,” Kate said. “We have Puka in the car. Can I take them out to play with him?”

Roxanne smiled at the three little faces bright with the anticipation of playing with the dog. How could she refuse? She hadn’t expected her to bring the dog to the services but Kate had her own set of rules. She was probably afraid another funeral would remind Jonathon of his dad’s death only last year.

“Sure. Let me check with Pamela first.” Roxanne continued to the corner booth. She nodded at Sylvia, her pseudo-“

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