Tournament of the Lost by Jonathan Hunter

Tournament of the Lost

Tournament of the Lost by Jonathan Hunter (The Lost Aeden #1)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.5 Mb

Tournament of the Lost:In a macabre ring world forgotten by time, a tournament is to be held, a tournament thought to never plague the divided kingdoms of Aeden again. A band of unlikely friends will test the perils of hell and taste heavens forbidden fruits. But who stands behind this tournament and more importantly why now? Ten thousand will fight for riches beyond your dreams, six kingdoms will be the devils playground, one will survive but none will be left standing in the Tournament of the Lost.

“lect the pay and divide the money. Faldio’s patience with numbers was almost as bad as mine was with a sword.

In two days, we should be there.

“Remind me again why didn’t we take the southern road? Through Midmarch? Like normal people do?” Faldio looked at me, half annoyed, as he pushed his blonde hair back.

You might have mistaken him for a lord were he not a buffoon. The way he walked, the way he stood or rode his horse. His looks helped in the matter as well. Longer, blonde hair that he loved removing from his eyes, especially if there was a girl or two nearby. Green eyes, as green as the grass around us, and a smile upon his lips, always ready to be shot at friend and foe alike.

“Because we have seldom been this way. Besides, when the tournament starts, I suspect we will be hitting every inn and shortcut. So let us enjoy the peace for a while?”

And I was right. This part of Liralind didn’t have any villages or towns to speak of. No mages, beasts, or demons. Just plains and hills and flowers around us, probably one of the most beautiful parts of the kingdom, yet he still looked annoyed.

“Don’t look at me like that you just want to get your cock wet! There are no brothels this way.”

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