Tower of Ancients by Jaeger Mitchells, Lucian Knight

Tower of Ancients

Tower of Ancients by Jaeger Mitchells, Lucian Knight (Lords of War 1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Raziel’s usefulness has finally ended after centuries of servitude. Betrayed by the Vampire King, he is forced to flee everything he paid for in blood.
Raziel will not forget the treachery and death of his lover, especially not those who caused it. He will have his revenge against those who wronged him and no price will be too high.
With two Elven Princesses who are as beautiful as they are deadly and a feared Vampire Bone Witch by his side, he will make the Vampire King and all who oppose him drown in a sea of blood. Literally.

“Don’t forget your manners,” I whispered one last time before shouldering the massive door open wide. It probably weighed over five-hundred pounds, but I barely even paused. We entered the auditorium with its long, tiered steps and marched down to the center of the pit. It stunk to high heavens, but these old fools were so used to it that they couldn’t distinguish life from death anymore. Their disease filled bodies were barely able to function, despite the large quantities of blood they drank every night.

We knelt as one, our fists pressed to the ground, and kept our eyes on the stone floor. I couldn’t help but turn my head slightly to keep the far end in my peripheral vision. The steady hum of hushed conversation and whispers died out at the sight of four battle-ready warriors, especially when led by me, the strongest Vampire Warlord, Raziel.

The walls were arrayed with long benches as recliners bedecked the top level. Atop these sprawled a wealth of men and women, scantily clad, and involved in all manner of lecherous activities. I was used to their orgies and mauling, but that didn’t make it any easier on my eyes. Quite the opposite. Over time, it bothered me more and more.

Half-empty goblets of blood and wine were strewn about the floor. Paintings and tapestries of lush colored fabrics decorated the walls and hung behind the lavish sitting areas. It almost looked like a circus.

A single, sharp clap broke the ensuing silence, only to be followed by the echo of footsteps drawing near. A figure floated down the large flight of stairs, shrouded in almost complete darkness. He was followed by two young women whom I knew well enough to be disgusted by their presence.

The man wore a fine silken robe, red as crimson, and silken pants, black as night. Long white hair concealed most of a deformed and rotting face topping a body corded with lean muscle. A wicked smile protruded beneath his white mane as he came ever nearer.

Both women wore white mesh robes that hugged their curves perfectly, yet hung from their sides, leaving nothing to the imagination. Raven-black hair flowed down their shoulders and over their breasts, almost reaching their hips.

“Ever the sight for sore eyes, aren’t they?” the man laughed, coming to a halt not five feet from me. I could smell the stench of rotten blood smeared all over his body. “Which one do you like more, Raziel? Draiana, or Fraya?”

He squinted his eyes at me, leaning in close enough to touch me. I closed my eyes and breathed steadily, seeking balance and composure, not letting the ancient provoke me. This was neither the time, nor the place.

“I wouldn’t dare distinguish between the Queens, my Lord,” I replied, trying to sound earnest. He knew very well what I thought about him and all the scum in this underground palace, but he tolerated me more than anyone else. After all, the respect was very much earned.

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