Tracy Plays Demon (Tracy the Fire Witch Book 2)

Tracy Plays Demon

Tracy Plays Demon (Tracy the Fire Witch Book 2) by P. G. Allison
English | 2021| Fantasy| ePUB | 1.6 MB

 After her second year at West Point, Tracy is headed to Ft. Rucker for a few weeks of training; she hopes to become a helicopter pilot someday. But before she even arrives, there’s a murder. This will affect her assignment while she also makes some new friends.

Meanwhile, some prisoners released because of the U.S.-Taliban peace deal have vowed revenge against the U.S. military and are also headed to Ft. Rucker. They’re getting support from WIJO and there’s a warehouse filled with explosives they can use.

Her government friends will help but they’ll also need a few werewolves before this is over. And, what about those new powers and abilities which Tracy has been gaining?

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