Traffic by Nicky Downes


Traffic: DI Amelia Barton of the NCA Book 1 by Nicky Downes
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

If you enjoyed Line of Duty then this is the police procedural for you! Traffic is the second page turner written by Coventry author, Nicky Downes. ‘You care for those women more than you do your two daughters.’ DI Amelia Barton, a widow with two young daughters, knows this isn’t true, but who else will fight for trafficked women? Who else will take time to listen and find refuge for them? Who else would understand that you don’t need chains or weapons to exert power or enslave? Amelia is a senior detective in the Sex Trafficking Unit of the National Crime Agency. The bodies of two women, branded with the same rose tattoo, are found in quick succession. The team have been told by other, recently freed, women that they are searching for a trafficker and possible murderer known as The Devil. But Amelia is fighting her own demon… DS Jake Travis. Will she find The Devil, or will Jake destroy everything she has fought for when he goes undercover, putting the trafficked women at even greater risk?

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