Traitor by Drew Avera


Traitor by Drew Avera (Consulate #1)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.7 MB

They’re on the run for their lives.

When Commander Kevin Hoyt returns from a scouting mission he finds that he is wanted for treason. Despite his innocence, Hoyt flees with his family and tries to escape the inevitable. With the odds stacked against him, and the Consulate closing in, he is forced to seek refuge on an alien world.

Meanwhile, his pursuer and old friend Will Dickson, suspects that the reports of treason aren’t factual. When he breaks protocol to negotiate Hoyt’s surrender without waiting for backup, all hell breaks loose. And it’s a decision that may prove deadly on both sides.

Commander Kevin Hoyt exhaled through his teeth as he forced the ship’s drive into FTL one last time. The engine’s parameter page flashed red as the diagnostics kept cycling on and off as the onboard computer registered a myriad of faults. Kevin was pushing too hard and he knew that he was risking everyone on board in this last-ditch effort to escape the Consulate.

It was risky, but he had no choice but to push forward.

The scout ship, designated as CSC-32 Interceptor, shook with enough force to make his teeth rattle in their sockets. The whine of the drive’s fans whirring at thousands of revolutions per minute was dulled only by the creaking of the hull as it fought to maintain course and speed.

The Interceptor bucked madly under his control. Even in the vacuum of space, and intensely high velocities, the concept of turbulence existed. The effects of coronal mass ejections created disturbances known as Alfven waves. The way they affected small metal objects varied based on their intensity, but at the moment it felt as if they were trying to shake the small, scout ship apart around him.

The good news was that if the ship failed then his new life on the run was over.

The bad news was that his family would pay the price as well.

‘Just a little more,’ he hissed as the automatic throttles forced themselves back to a safer speed. He braced himself against his seat, forgoing the restraints to leverage himself against the rising tension of the auto-throttles. He couldn’t blame the ship for fighting back. Under normal circumstances, the Interceptor was only trying to protect itself from catastrophic failure.

Too bad the real catastrophe was behind him and closing in.

The ship was dubbed the CPC Destroyer, a personnel carrier with a small crew, but enough firepower to protect the extraction team on board. All Kevin had to do was slip up and the Destroyer would dock with his scout ship and the boarding party would seize his family and take them into custody.

“Not on my watch,” he muttered as he kept pressing the throttles forward.

Sweat ran down his face, his cheeks flush from excursion as he willed the ship to go faster against his otherwise better judgment, and the flashing alarm from the computer. ‘Come on!’

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