Traitor of Golden Blaze by Dylan Keefer

Traitor of Golden Blaze

Traitor of Golden Blaze by Dylan Keefer (Everscape Online Book 1)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 475 Kb

Traitor of Golden Blaze: Celina has long adventured in the mystical world of Everscape to balance the dreariness of her everyday life, but when the Quest of for the Heavenly Seal Staff begins, those she had thought friends turn on her, their Guilds warring against one another for the prize. She must use her wits and magic to overcome insurmountable odds and deadly enemies, to find new allies, and to reclaim her life both inside and outside of Everscape.

“A crackling slight opening, the specter of light came onto me. Blurring into existence, my mother’s face, her white face with its bluish eyes, it was reminiscent of the water in the pit of darkness. I lift myself as her body retreated somewhat.

Focus, the room became settled in its dark green allure, computer to the left, and typical wooden furniture to the right.

Mother stood up straight in a white t-shirt and long red skirt and we exchanged a tender and odd look that resembled some amount of acknowledgment.

“It is seven.” She says

I sigh. The school bus was gone then, perfect.

“I will take a taxi.” Saying this as I scratch the inside of my hair, whether Mother understood what I meant or cared was not my concern.

“Celina you are waking up too late. I know it is that game.”

“What game Mom? I did not even play it last night, I had homework to do.” Actually I was telling the truth, I played it in the early morning hours of one o’clock.

“Good, you remember your father’s warning?”

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