Treasure of the Spanish Civil War by Serge Pey


Treasure of the Spanish Civil War by Serge Pey
English | 2020|General Fiction| ePUB | 1.3 MB

An intimate portrait of childhood during Spain’s violent fascist regime, rendered in a surreal kaleidoscope of linked stories.

Serge Pey’s stories are lyrical, vivid vignettes of life during and directly following Spain’s violent fascist regime of the thirties and forties. The collection is a defiant ode to the resilience of the human spirit, each story depicting a small act of human resistance: a man plants a fruit tree for each of his assassinated comrades; a professor hides a secret library of banned books in plain sight. Many of the stories are surreal, fable-like impressions from the perspective of children caught in the midst of the political violence. Pey’s understated yet unusual prose renders a brutal landscape with childlike wonder. The Treasure of the Spanish Civil War and Other Tales is a strikingly original meditation on courage, survival, and hope in the face of oppression.

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