Tremontaine by Ellen Kushner


Tremontaine: The Complete Season 3 by Ellen Kushner
English | 2020 |Fantasy | ePUB | 2.6 MB

Welcome to Tremontaine, where ambition, love affairs, and rivalries dance with deadly results. In this novel Ellen Kushner and a team of writers return readers to the world of scandal and swordplay introduced in her cult-classic novel Swordspoint. Readers familiar with the series will find a welcome homecoming while new fans will learn what makes Riverside a place they will want to visit again and again. Tremontaine follows Diane, Duchess Tremontaine, whose beauty is matched only by her cunning; Rafe Fenton, a handsome young scholar with more passion than sense; Ixkaab Balam, a tradeswoman from afar with skill for swords and secrets; and Micah, a gentle genius whose discoveries herald revolution. Sparks fly as these four lives intersect in a world where politics is everything, and outcasts are the tastemakers. Tread carefully, dear reader, and keep your wit as sharp as your steel.


Episode 1: Ambition by Ellen Kushner
Episode 2: The Siege of Riverside by Tessa Gratton
Episode 3: The Bridge by Karen Lord
Episode 4: Night of the Flames by Joel Derfner
Episode 5: Every Face a Forgery by Paul Witcover
Episode 6: My Life for Your Life by Tessa Gratton
Episode 7: Into the Woods by Liz Duffy Adams & Delia Sherman
Episode 8: Behind the Mask by Joel Derfner
Episode 9: Sword and Spirit by Karen Lord
Episode 10: A Blur of Bright Water by Tessa Gratton
Episode 11: Dragon Rampant by Karen Lord
Episode 12: Surrounded by Joel Derfner
Episode 13: A City’s Favor by Racheline Maltese with Joel Derfner, Tessa Gratton, and Karen Lord

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