Turbulent by T. L. Payne


Turbulent by T. L. Payne (Days of Want Series Book 1) a
English | 2019 | Sci/Fi | ePUB | 316 Kb

Turbulent:In an instant, everything stops. No lights. No phones. No transportation.

When coordinated EMP and Cyber attacks wipe out the nation’s power grid and communications, ultra-marathon runner, Maddie Langston, is forced to run for her life.

Stranded in a Chicago airport when the lights go out, Maddie is in a race against time. According to her father, she doesn’t have long before the city descends into chaos. She must leave the airport before it is too late.

Although she knows she must flee the Windy City, Maddie’s first battle is to overcome her fear of the violence she knows is coming. She’s a fighter; she just doesn’t know it yet.

The perilous journey out of the city becomes even more difficult when Maddie takes responsibility for an orphaned ten-year-old girl. Together, as chaos fills the streets, they must fight to survive in a Turbulent new world.

Would you have what it takes to survive?

This heart-stopping, post-apocalyptic thriller is the first book in T. L. Payne’s Days of Want Series. Look for Hunted: Days of Want Series, Book Two, June 2019.

For lovers of books by Jack Hunt, Bobby Akart, Kyla Stone, Chris Pike, Ryan Westfield, Harley Tate, and Mike Sheridan.

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“She had to get some place safe right now. That was what her dad always told her. The longer she hesitated, the more dangerous it would be.

Maddie stood and blew her nose. She bent over to reach for her pack.

She froze.

Maddie’s heart dropped. She was stranded in one of the country’s busiest airports in the middle of one of the most populated cities. And she had never felt more alone.

Maddie turned and put her back to the door. She slid once more to the floor, curling her arms over her head.”



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