Turmoil by T. L. Payne


Turmoil by T. L. Payne (Days of Want #3)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 394 Kb

Turmoil : A new threat emerges……from an unexpected source. Lives hang in the balance.

As Maddie, Zack, and their group struggle to secure the cabin, the community grapples to find justice in a lawless world when a girl goes missing.

Amid turmoil and bloodshed, Maddie learns evil comes in all shapes and sizes. No one can be trusted. After Maddie and Zack find old enemies nearby, a decision must be made—hunker down and wait, or go on the offensive. Which would you choose?

Filled with grief and guilt, Maddie must find a way to move forward and survive. As lives are lost will this become too much to bear? On the road to reunite with Maddie and Zack, Beth’s trip takes a twisted turn. She won’t let a deviant group prevent her from reaching her children.

“Yes,” Jenkins said, his eyes widening.

“Then you don’t want pedophiles and child killers like Thomas Dobbs and Jason Jones wandering the back roads near your house, do you?”

Jenkins straighten his back.

“I thought the generators were working over in maximum,” Jenkins said.

“They are, at the moment. But we aren’t taking any chances in case they stop working. You got it? No maximum security inmates are leaving this prison. Do not let that happen, Jenkins.”

“Let’s go, you pussies,” Unit 800’s team leader yelled.

Jenkins and Sansbury fell in behind their new team and disappeared through the side door.

“How long do you think we have?” Corrections Officer, Nick Hammond, asked, walking up beside Todd.

“About a week, maybe two, if someone hasn’t stolen all the diesel yet.”

“What are we gonna do about units one through six?”

Todd turned and headed to his office.


“What? We can’t keep them all locked in their cells. They have to eat and shower and have yard time,” Nick called after him.

“Those days are over,” Todd said, shutting the door to his office.”


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