Twice Reaped by RaShelle Workman

Twice Reaped

Twice Reaped by RaShelle Workman (Eerie Valley Supernatureals Book 2)
English | 2020| Fantasy | ePUB | 3.0 MB

RaShelle Workman is an international bestselling author. Under this name she writes reimagined fairy tales, science fiction, and urban fantasy. All of her novels have been listed on multiple bestseller lists, including her BLOOD AND SNOW series, which has sold more than a million copies.

New town. New job. New supernatural power. I reap the dead and there’s plenty of work in Eerie Valley.
It’s been several weeks since solving my first big murder case not to mention using my new-fangled power to get rid of a kindred demon. The break has been nice… okay, not really. It’s been completely sucky and I’m ready to jump back in.
My first day back to work and there’s already a new murder case. The victims found with their insides turned to mush and dangling from a giant spider web. shudders
With very little to go on, my partner and I are led to Eerie Valley’s annual fair. The clues also bring FBI Agent Mackey back into my life. Not that I’m complaining. He’s gorgeous and wrapped up in his own mystery, one I think I want to discover.
But when my partner goes missing, nothing else matters, and I’ll do anything to make sure he doesn’t wind up in a supernatural serial killer’s web of death.

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