Twisted Magic series (#1,4-5) by Rainy Kaye

Twisted Magic series

Twisted Magic series (#1,4-5) by Rainy Kaye
English | 2021 |Sci-Fi/Fantasy| ePUB | 25.8 MB

Twisted Magic (#1)
Safiya Morgan deals in all things supernatural–or so she thought. When a new client complains of unrelenting nightmares, she finds herself face-to-face with a demon unlike anything she has met before. It’s immense, and its power only seems to be growing.

Then, her best friend is kidnapped. In an attempt to find her, Safiya begrudgingly teams up with her estranged sister’s ex-boyfriend and her new client to dig deeper into the supernatural world she thought she knew. As if that wasn’t bad enough, doing so puts her on the wrong side of a wicked order and a man whose motives aren’t quite clear. As the town descends into chaos, Safiya is forced to confront the demon head-on.

Unfortunately, her own magic has never been all that dependable.

Twisted Legends (#4)
After capturing three of the dark witches and mages, Safiya is certain she knows what she is in for with the next one–but Yuto proves to be different than the others. He’s willing to make a deal with her. With few options and the seals ready to break, Safiya accepts his offer.

Now, between a disgraced huntress with a vengeance, a missing key to the vault, and the consortium’s army on her trail, Safiya finds what little she thought she knew unraveling. And making a pact with a dark mage may have been her biggest mistake yet.

Before she can deal with all that, though, she’s going to have to survive the Dark Lands.

Twisted Shadows (#5)
Safiya needs the help of the consortium to finish her quest, but nothing could prepare her for them. They are not interested in her meddling.

Torn between lies and allegiances, she turns to the quorum for help. Teaming up with these legendary beings should give her the upper hand, but their reluctance only proves just how out of control the situation has become. She realizes she has overlooked a much larger and far more destructive problem than the dark ones. A problem that they may not be able to stop.

As she and her companions plan to make their final stand, a mistake destroys everything they have been working towards.

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