Two (2) Novels by Sarah A Denzil

Two (2) Novels

Two (2) Novels by Sarah A Denzil
English | 2019 + 2020| Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 3.1 MB

Sarah A Denzil is a bestselling author from Derbyshire, England.
In her alternative life – AKA YA author Sarah Dalton – she writes speculative fiction for teenagers, including The Blemished, Mary Hades and White Hart.
Her books include number one bestseller Silent Child, as well as Saving April, The Broken Ones, Silent Child, Only Daughter and her Isabel Fielding Series including One for Sorrow, Two for Joy and Three for a Girl.
Sarah lives in Yorkshire with her husband, enjoying the scenic countryside and rather unpredictable weather.
She loves to write moody, psychological books about ordinary people in extraordinary situations.

The Liar’s Sister
Ten years ago, a family lost their son in the quiet village of Buckthorpe and he was never found.
Rosie Sharpe cried over her missing friend for weeks after.
But her little sister Heather knows that Rosie’s tears hide the truth.
Because the night Samuel was last seen, Heather watched her older sister climbing back through the window of their childhood bedroom.
Her jacket torn, her eyes wild and her body trembling with fear.
Heather never told anyone what she saw, but secrets can’t stay buried forever . . . . .
A decade later, Rosie and Heather return to the home they grew up in when their mother falls ill.
But when their house is ransacked and they receive a threatening note, it becomes clear that someone in the close-knit village doesn’t want them there.
When Heather finally confronts her sister about what really happened on the dark, rainy night Samuel vanished, Rosie’s version of the truth is more shocking than she could ever have imagined.
But can she trust her sister?
And who broke into their house that night?
As the lies of the past begin to unravel, they have the power to put the lives of both women in terrible danger . . . .

They Are Liars
A team of office administrators are stuck at work during a flood.
By the end of the day, one of them will be dead . . . .
Sue is waiting to retire.
She can’t stand her bad-mannered co-workers who take her for granted.
Krish has an explosive secret that would change everything if his colleagues found out.
Penny is the girl no one seems to notice.
Today she learns what the others truly think of her.
Helen hasn’t told anyone about her weekly therapy sessions delving into her repressed memories.
But something is floating up to the surface, threatening her usual composure.
Martin, the congenial boss, has a dark past.
Stuck in the office with his employees, a more callous side begins to emerge.
One is a murderer.
One is dead.
They are all liars.

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