Two Doors Down by Collette Heather

Two Doors Down

Two Doors Down by Collette Heather
English | 2020 | Mystery /Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Collette Heather writes chilling, psychological thrillers that will keep you turning the pages. The Silenced Wife is her debut novel under her real name. For the past few years she was (and still is) a bestselling horror author writing under a male pseudonym.

Claire Wilson has been in love with the boy two doors down from her B and B for as long as she can remember. Mark Patterson loves her back…as a friend.

Now, both in their mid-thirties, Mark has finally found love. But not with her.

Lovestruck Mark – a brilliant artist living in London – is bringing back his lover, a notorious horror writer, to his childhood home. Ever since his parents died a few years back, he hasn’t had the heart to spend time there, leaving his best-friend Claire to keep an eye on the place.

But things are different now. His new girlfriend loves Broadgate – she is obsessed with the sleazy, decadent seaside town. She thinks it would be fabulous to do up the house and spend more time by the sea and Mark is happy to oblige.

But Claire thinks that there is something badly wrong with Mark’s girlfriend. Not that Mark could ever see it, for his obsession with her runs deep.

Claire’s infatuation with her best friend is about to come to a head.

Welcome to Broadgate, a town with a dark past and even darker secrets, where love, desperation and evil will collide in spectacular fashion…

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