Two Faced by Rose Pressey

 Two Faced

Two Faced by Rose Pressey
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Rose Pressey is an author who loves to pen down fun and quirky books that are infused with a paranormal twist. Paranormal has always been a subject of interest to Rose Pressey ever since she was young. The idea of finding answers to things and aspects, which cannot be easily explained fascinates Rose Pressey.

“Dark and edgy with a startling plot twist.”
Secrets, lies, and jealousy. Who can you trust?
Alexsis Baxter wants no part of the horrific act of disposing of a body. When her best friend Britney accidentally hits a homeless man with her car, Britney insists on getting rid of his remains.
Alexsis’ friends got away with killing once so why not do it again? Instead of retail therapy and sipping on iced lattes, the Beverly Hills trophy wives devise a kill list.
If Alexsis doesn’t go along with her friends’ plans, she’ll find herself on the kill list. She thought she knew her so-called friends, but are they really her frenemies? Will they literally stab her in the back?
Perhaps the real danger is at home. Alexsis questions her marriage and danger at home escalates daily. Can Alexsis trust her husband? Or can she even trust herself?

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