Under Attack by Eric Meyer

Under Attack

Under Attack (Battleground Vietnam Book 3) by Eric Meyer
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Vietnam in 1968 is a hotbed of turmoil and death. Some as a result of the war, others not. Some are planned assassinations yet to happen.

A C-130 transport aircraft flying close to the DMZ crashes in deep jungle. The aircraft was carrying a squad of Army CID experts on a confidential mission to investigate rumors of a planned assassination of the Saigon President., yet the investigation ended when the crash resulted in the deaths of all aboard. The South Vietnamese insist the plane was brought down by a North Vietnamese missile. The Communists agree and even admit to shooting it down. An open and shut case, and MACV dispatches Warrant Officer Carl Yeager along with a female officer from the Saigon Police to sign off on what is a routine casualty of war.

He recalled his terror when the bombs fell. The ground shook, and chunks of earth and stone showered down over the cowering villagers. Some tunnels collapsed, people died, buried alive, and the villagers began digging again. This time they went down to thirty meters, and at last they were safe from the bombs that exploded overhead. But he never forgot, and often awoke in the night sweating and shivering with terror, recalling that terrible time. He always knew when he became a man he would join the North Vietnamese and fight for the liberation.

Of course, the villagers protested at the constant bombing of a peaceful village comprising of peasants who tended their fields and rice paddies. When someone suggested they should make it clear to the Americans they were innocent, and all they needed do was check out the village and confirm they weren’t supplying the Vietcong with food. They never took them up on the offer. If men had come from Saigon to conduct a search, they would be certain to uncover vast stores of supplies intended for the VC. And so they continued to feed the Communist insurgents, and the Americans replied with bombs.

He realized to his surprise he was starting to shiver again, and he forced himself to relax. That was then, and this was now, and he was about to take revenge for every bomb they’d dropped on Vinh Moc. He called a halt, and they went for chow. He gave them twenty minutes, and then Sergeant Diem shouted at them to get outside and form up ready to go on patrol. They marched out through the gate, and the sentry gave him a friendly wave.

If he only knew.

They hacked into the jungle, heading for a pre-arranged rendezvous. The man was waiting for them, and he spent some time in deep conversation. There was much to discuss, and he enjoyed the best bit, his forthcoming promotion. It wasn’t usual for a mere captain to rise to Brigadier General in one jump. But then again, he wasn’t a captain. Besides, those who might object would all be dead. He returned to the base and was gratified to see First Platoon still out on the square, marching up and down, red-faced and sweating.

He met Lieutenant Han in the cafeteria that evening. “I trust it went well, Lieutenant? You getting the men licked into shape?”

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