United States Marines in World War II by Robert J. Cressman


United States Marines in World War II: Complete Illustrated History of U.S. Marines’ Campaigns in Europe, Africa and the Pacific: Pearl Harbor, Battle of Cape Gloucester, Battle of Guam, Battle of Iwo Jima, Occupation of Japan by Robert J. Cressman, J. Michael Wenger, Harry W. Edwards, James A. Donovan, J. Michael Miller, John C. Chapin, Charles D. Melson, Henry I. Shaw Jr., Joseph H. Alexander, Bernard C. Nalty, Cyril J. O’Brien, Gordon D. Gayle, Richard Harwood, Charles R. Smith, Marine Corps Historical Center
English | 2020 | Non-Fiction > History | ePUB | 52.0 MB

By the end of the war, the Corps expanded from two brigades to six divisions, five air wings and supporting troops, totaling about 485,000 Marines. In addition, 20 defense battalions and a parachute battalion were raised. Nearly 87,000 Marines were casualties during World War II, and 82 were awarded the Medal of Honor.

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