Unlocking Rosin Manor by Sarah Turtle

Unlocking Rosin Manor

Unlocking Rosin Manor by Sarah Turtle
English | 2021| Romance > FF |ePUB| 6.5 MB

Taking a job as a drug runner is not what Addie envisions her career to be, but she is willing to do whatever it takes to survive. A roof over her head and food in her stomach in exchange for some illegal deliveries doesn’t seem like too bad of a gig, that is, until a deal goes drastically wrong. With the one thing that Addie cares about being held hostage, and only a week to pay off her debt, she searches for a way to obtain a large sum of money in a short period of time.

Finding herself back on the streets again, Addie comes across the answers to her problems in the form of an ad for a job opening at Rosin Manor. Her scheme is simple: live in the life of luxury for a few days, just long enough to steal what she needs to pay back her boss. What she doesn’t plan on is her undeniable attraction to the troubled manor owner, Nora Rosin.

Will Addie be successful in settling her debt, or will the mysterious Nora and the quirky crew of employees who faithfully watch over her and Rosin Manor foil her plans?


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