Upheaval by A.E. Williams


Upheaval by A.E. Williams (Gate Wars #1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.6 MB

The world will change in the next six hours. Governments will fall, people will die, and the natural laws will shatter. A small group of people will gain extraordinary abilities and compete against the alien races of the universe in a life or death competition called the Gate Wars. Will and Rachel will be two of the people to gain reality bending abilities. They will battle their way across their once peaceful city in search of these Gates. They will risk their lives and learn to use their abilities to do something they never thought they would have to do, kill. Will they have what it takes to succeed against the alien races of the universe, or will they succumb to the pain of losing everything? The next six hours will change more than just the world.

I need to work with what I am given. Selecting Energy Beam was a mistake. Now I am stuck with it. If I am going to be fighting to the death, I should learn how to use my abilities the best that I can. Determined to make the best of this situation, I fling my hand forward without screaming out and the beam still shoots out. Progress. I don’t have to yell like an idiot every time I use my ability. That last beam clips the target causing it to spin in place. This is frustrating. How can I expect to hit anything if I can’t hold my hand steady? Do I really have to throw my arm every time? I throw twenty more beams only marginally improving my accuracy. I have never been good at throwing a baseball and the motion was very similar. I am not a professional baseball player, there is no way I am going to be able to increase my accuracy without many more hours of practice and who knew what is happening to my wife right now. Is Rachel okay? The pain is almost nonexistent now and I start to notice a funny sensation in my arm and chest. A wavy sensation bouncing back and forth between my hand and my heart. It travels up my arm to my heart and back down my arm. Once the wave reaches my hand it shoots out the beam. By throwing my arm forward I was forcing the wave down faster.

I focus on that feeling, that wave in my arm. I concentrate on holding my hand still but somehow manage to force the wave back and forth. When the wave is approaching my hand, I focus on letting it out. Success! I fire a beam while having a still hand hitting the target squarely to the right. I still don’t break it, but progress is progress. I fire three more beams at the targets hitting the last target dead center. The target still doesn’t break. If a beam dead to the center still isn’t powerful enough to break the target, how am I going to manage it? There must be more secrets to my ability.

I push the wave up my arm and take aim with my hand. My shoulder is a little stiff so I roll it out and let the wave bounce off my hand and back to my heart. This beam fires and it is noticeably thicker and bluer than before. Did letting the wave bounce off my hand cause the beam to be bluer? Does bluer equal more power? I concentrate on pushing waves through my arm and letting them bounce off my hand. Back and forth. As the waves bounce the pain returns, not so bad as before. I focus on maintaining as many waves as possible before I release. I count up to twenty waves, before my arm starts to itch and I feel the power tearing inside of me. Even though I made it to twenty waves, I don’t notice any build up in pressure after the tenth wave. It is like I am holding a heavy weight for a long period of time. Right now, I can only hold the charge for twenty waves before I have to release it. I will have to work on that. Being able to fire a heavily charged beam in a split second could be a matter of life and death. This beam is huge and thick and almost a navy blue in color. It hits the target and shatters it into a million pieces.



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