Urchin Dishes and Deadly Wishes by Amber Crewes

 Urchin Dishes and Deadly Wishes

Urchin Dishes and Deadly Wishes by Amber Crewes
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Amber Crewes loves writing and reading cozy mysteries! If there was one super power she desires, its to become a super speed reader as there are way too many Mystery and Thriller books on her kindle waiting for her to read. Don’t tell anyone but she’s been known to drink coffee at night to help her finish a book she’s really into.

A murdered restaurant owner. A small town suspicious of a big tech firm’s advances. A newlywed baker drowning under the waves of change around her.
They say change is the only constant thing in life but what happens when change comes knocking at your door and it involves a murder?
Sandy Bay’s favorite baker has just gotten married and is adjusting to living as Mrs. Irvin. Meghan never knew sharing a sink with another human being could cause so much trouble. Things aren’t easier on the work front as there are several new businesses in town that Meghan believes are trying to steal her clientele.
When she finds that a new neighbor who owns a rival establishment is murdered, she’s torn between minding her own business or reaching out to the deceased’s widow. As she delves deeper into this person’s murder and business, she discovers there are many people who would gain from his demise.
But who had the biggest reason to see him dead?
Meghan’s plate is full with all the change happening around her and she’s crumbling under the weight of expectation from her husband, staff and herself. Will she be able to adjust to all the changes around her and find the killer in the nick of time?


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