Vampire Cavalier by Dan Davis

 Vampire Cavalier

Vampire Cavalier (The Immortal Knight Chronicles Book 8) by Dan Davis
English | 2020 | Historical Fantasy | ePUB | 3.0 MB

Dan Davis is an author of action-packed sci-fi, fantasy and historical fiction. He writes THE IMMORTAL KNIGHT CHRONICLES and the GALACTIC ARENA series. Dan is a massive history fan and brings a dedication to historical authenticity even in his books about vampires. One of the main factors in writing a series that takes place over centuries was so that he could explore his favourite historical events and the key battles in English and European history. He loves historical fiction by Steven Pressfield, Giles Kristian, Patrick O’Brian and many others. He is inspired by science fiction authors such as Robert Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Kim Stanley Robinson, Orson Scott Card, John Scalzi, Neal Stephenson and Iain M. Banks. He has read all of Bernard Cornwell’s books more times than can possibly be healthy. Dan is a husband and father living in the county of Essex in England.

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