Vampire for Hire by Molly Fitz

 Vampire for Hire

Vampire for Hire (Paranormal Temp Agency #3) by Molly Fitz
English | 2021|Fantasy| ePUB | 6 MB

I live in England with my all-male family of two other humans and three dogs. I’m seriously outnumbered.

The Red Countess, the lady Valentina Winters.
If you see her, it’s likely to be the last vision in your life.
The Red Countess is on the trail of someone she loves. Unfortunately, the trail is blocked by someone who fears the day she finds out the truth.
A truth she is willing to kill to learn.
Archie has made a bold move. A move that will accomplish much for his efforts in the conclave.
Or give the Assassin a chance to claim his head.
You never accomplish great things by risking small amounts.
Is Archie willing to risk his life to get what he wants most?
Or is the Red Countess, the lady Valentina Winters going to learn just a bit too much and take back the only leverage he has keeping her from killing him?

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  1. Post title should be “One Death Too Few by Michael Anderle”. Contents match cover shown and text description which are for “One Death Too Few (Atlantica Universe: Valentina Winters #3) by Michael Anderle”.


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