Variant Exchange by Fox J. Wilde

Variant Exchange

Variant Exchange by Fox J. Wilde (Resistance Saga #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 549 Kb

Variant Exchange: It’s 1981 and an underground punk rock scene has taken root in Eastern Germany, behind the Berlin Wall. Lena Schindler, one of the up-and-coming vocalists of the scene, is arrested and tortured by the secret police before being forced to spy on her friends, family, and bandmates.

As her adventures bring her deeper and deeper into the depths of the Stasi intelligence apparatus, however, she finds that not only is very little as it seems…even on the other side of the wall…but the wilderness of mirrors that stands between her and freedom involves some of the most powerful players of the Cold War.

“Like many newcomers to the GDR Punk scene, he had been pensive at first, much preferring the comforting and mainstream sounds of Pankow, Rockhaus or City. Once he saw her live, however, he was hooked. He grew his hair out much longer (which his mother apparently hated), purchased clothing he was sure Lena would approve of (or that would rankle his mother even more), and was in the mosh pit nearly every show. He was a true, dedicated fan—a gorgeous, true, dedicated fan. No, Lena could not ignore Hans even if she wanted to.

“Oh, hey Hans!” Lena acknowledged him awkwardly. Realizing that she should probably say something else, she added, “Enjoy the show?”

“It was amazing as usual!” He responded jovially, “Tell me, how is it that you can look even more attractive covered in sweat and blood?”

Lena tried not to smile. Hans and Lena had only really become good friends this last month and had certainly never dated. However, Hans had been a flirt with her since attending her shows—something she would never fully admit to appreciating. She wasn’t very good at flirting back, of course, even if she was in her element here. Thus, she would usually resign herself to staring blankly at him, occasionally punctuated with an awkward, high-pitched laugh that she hoped wasn’t too off-putting. This time, however, she forced herself to say something.

“Ah well,” she said sarcastically, “at least now I look the way I sound—like some sort of dumpster fire.”

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