Vatican Knights Series #14-25 by Rick Jones

Vatican Knights Series

Vatican Knights Series #14-25 by Rick Jones
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Rick Jones was born and raised in the Boston area and moved to Las Vegas in the early eighties where he graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in English. He is retired from law enforcement and currently resides in Las Vegas where he writes fulltime.
Rick Jones is also the bestselling author of the Vatican Knight series, which is in pre-development to become a television series through Amber Entertainment with Ileen Maisel (Dangerous Liaisons and The Golden Compass) acting as executive producer.
He is also the bestselling author of the psychological thriller, THE MAN WHO CAST TWO SHADOWS; and the bestselling action/adventure series, THE CRYPTS OF EDEN, THE THRONES OF EDEN, CITY BENEATH THE SEA, THE SACRED VAULT, CITY WITHIN THE CLOUDS and CITY BENEATH THE ICE, along with the standalone THE MENAGERIE in the Savage/Moore action-adventure series.
He has also collaborated with author Rick Chesler on FIRST STRIKE.

The Devil’s Magician #14
It’s said that when the world isn’t right, a man steps out of the shadows of St. Peter’s Basilica to make it whole again.
He is the priest who is not a priest.
He’s an angel to some and a demon to others.
But in the Middle East he is known by another name: . . . The Devil’s Magician . . .
When a cardinal is taken captive by an ISIS faction in Damascus, a team of Vatican Knights is dispatched to secure the cardinal’s release.
But having been ambushed and taken hostage themselves, only one man can bring them out.
After Kimball Hayden walked away from the church months before, he is summarily called to duty by Vatican principals to rescue his team.
But as Kimball works in the Dark to serve the Light, he discovers the truth behind the ambush and follows the trail of the betraying source directly to the Vatican.

The Nocturnal Saints #15
In Washington, D.C., three priests have been murdered and mutilated with their corpses hanging upside-down in mock crucifixion.
The only indicator as to the culprit is a 500-year-old order known as the Nocturnal Saints, an underground faction that had been borne from the Protestant Reformation and acts as judge, jury and executioner against those deemed to be in contradiction of old-time traditions.
So when Special Agent Shari Cohen of the FBI is called to track down this faceless enemy, she’s joined by the Vatican Knights who have been dispatched by the pontiff to counteract the order.
But when the investigation suggests that the Pope may be a target, Kimball Hayden suddenly finds himself within the crosshairs, the Nocturnal Saints learn that they must go through the Vatican Knights to achieve their agenda.

The Brimstone Diaries #16
After a sacred tome written by Saint Peter is stolen from the Vatican’s Secret Archives, people around the world begin to die at the hands of a madman once the secrets of The Brimstone Diaries are unveiled.
In Rome, a terrorist faction has quietly breached the ranks of the Vatican hierarchy.
As the conspiracy within the ranks begin to materialize, the greatest threat to the Vatican State is about to commence with Vatican City caught dead-center within the crosshairs of total annihilation.
With Kimball Hayden and the Vatican Knights working on two fronts trying to protect the secrets of The Brimstone Diaries and the Vatican, great evils will rise on both sides that may be too much for the Vatican Knights in what could be their swansong mission.

Juggernaut #17
JUGGERNAUT : a massive unstoppable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path.
Kimball Hayden : JUGGERNAUT.
In Virginia, a Blacksite facility is assaulted with military sophistication to free a homegrown terrorist who once attempted to assassinate FBI Specialist Shari Cohen.
Within days, two of America’s most iconic symbols of freedom are razed.
The stock markets begin to tumble, financial institutes are on the verge of declaring a ‘bank holiday,’ and the American psyche hasn’t been this fragile since 9/11.
In Rome, Kimball Hayden’s demons are at their worst, the man becoming a shell of his former self.
But when he learns that Shari Cohen’s assassin is on the loose, he embarks on a trip of rediscovery that unites him with the woman he loves.
When it’s discovered that the assassin is plotting Operation Herod – a mission so terrible it could cripple the United States – the man behind the undertaking, Mohammad Allawi, has also set his sights on Shari Cohen with plans to finish what he started years ago, by seeing her dead.
For Mohammad Allawi to get to her, however, his highly trained unit must fight their way through the Vatican Knights most esteemed juggernaut known as Kimball Hayden.
As Kimball and Shari form a bond to hunt down her aggressor who keeps America on the brink, they also begin to discover each other.
But as Allawi’s troops draw closer to Shari Cohen, the priest who is not a priest must once again work in the Dark to serve the Light, so that the woman he loves is protected at all costs, even if the cost is his own life.
In a battle with everything at stake – love, life, future – will Kimball Hayden finally find peace against such overwhelming odds?
Or will this be his final mission as a Vatican Knight?

Original Sins #18
In a Washington, D.C. suburb, a family is executed by a government assassin.
While flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet, an editor of a newspaper is murdered.
In the middle of the night as a bus leaves Washington, D.C., travelers are gunned down in an act of terrorism.
Inside the Vatican, a Cardinal receives spiritual insight about a deadly killer.
Before Kimball Hayden became a Vatican Knight, he was the commander of the Pieces of Eight, a kill squad that worked as part of a black-arm force of the CIA.
He kills with impunity and acts with the cold fortitude of a machine.
But when he begins to question the morality of his actions and the motives of his superiors, he is placed within the crosshairs by high-end principals who want to see him dead.
But as Kimball Hayden begins to see the negative cost of his actions, he slowly becomes the prey to a predator with absolute power.
Watching from the shadows, however, are the elite commandos of the Vatican Knights.
When Kimball Hayden is deemed expendable by his peers, will the Vatican interfere and offer him a way to the Light?
Or will Kimball continue his path to Darkness and fall victim to those who wish him dead?
From the bestselling author of the Vatican Knights series, Rick Jones weaves a tale of one man’s fall from grace, a rise to redemption, and a journey of rediscovery.

In Between God and Devil #19
In central Syria, villages are razed as young men are conscripted to join the ISIS faction.
In a Doctors Without Borders camp, which is overrun by members of the Islamic State, people are abducted along with a priest, Father Savino, who also happens to be the brother of the Vatican’s Secretariat of State.
From the Green Zone in Iraq, Shari Cohen, now a CIA consultant and operator, learns that she must appropriate intel from the resurging ISIS force to stop them from striking international targets.
In Vatican City, Kimball Hayden, a man who was broken in every way a man could be broken, and then mended after being on the brink of death, once again finds himself in service of the Vatican.
But is he the man he used to be?
Is he a soldier of God or something completely different?
In a twofold journey that teams the Vatican Knights with Shari Cohen, they must go into the heart of an ISIS training camp not only to rescue the hostages, but to gather the intel necessary to stop future attacks against high-end principals across the globe.
Outmanned and outgunned, Shari Cohen and the Vatican Knights once again team up to achieve the impossible the only way the Vatican Knights can – with elite combat skills.

The Sinai Directive #20
In Egypt, those within the Saint Catherine Monastery are brutally attacked and a secret that has been hidden for more than 3,500 years is stolen.
In Zurich, an arms dealer makes an agreement with a band of elite terrorists for one-of-a-kind weapons of mass destruction, for a treasure that was presumed destroyed during the Exodus.
When a conversation between two men is covertly videotaped by an operator of the CIA, Vatican Intelligence and the Mossad realize that the partial message received was filled with enigmas.
Having interpreted the data, the Vatican determines that the communication between these two men was a barter agreement that would place Israel within the crosshairs of the entire Middle East.
That agreement – the Islamic State would exchange the relic of the golden calf for weapons of mass destruction.
With the possibility of bringing the world to the brink of war, the Vatican Knights are once again called to duty to search for the long-missing relic of biblical lore before the exchange can be made.
However, the terrorist cell in search of the iconic piece is a faction that had been pieced together from elite forces throughout the Middle East.
With Kimball Hayden leading his force of Vatican Knights, they will come up against the best warriors the Islamic State has to offer, in a race to find the golden calf.

The Barabbas Connection #21
During a visit to the United States, Pope Pius XIV is caught within the crosshairs of a lethal assassin.
After scores of people are killed during an event featuring the Pope’s address, a conspiracy theory emerges that the killings were conducted by one of the CIA’s own.
As the data trickles in, it becomes clear that the assassin is none other than Shari Cohen.
With the Vatican Knights serving as the pontiff’s protective detail, Kimball Hayden is crushed to learn that she’s involved with the assassinations.
While questions begin to rise as to why Shari Cohen performed the act, there are indications that lead to an elite assassin who was believed to be dead – Barabbas.
Now that Shari finds herself on the run from the CIA, is she the Barabbas of lore who was believed dead but has been resurrected?
Was she the tool of a conspiracy who was created to fulfill a dark agenda for a foreign power?
Has Shari Cohen gone rogue?
Or was she always a double agent?
As these questions plague the Vatican Knights, one thing becomes absolutely certain – Kimball Hayden now finds himself in a position to hunt down the woman he loves.

The Eye of Moses #22
In France, a member of a secret guild is killed for the secrets he keeps.
In Croatia, a stronghold is breached, and a treasure is stolen.
At the Vatican, a corrupt pontiff views Kimball Hayden as a threat to his rule.
When a Croatian stronghold is breached and scores are killed, a religious icon is stolen that contains a dark particle that’s powerful enough to either create worlds or destroy them.
It is an element so strong and deemed so uncontrollable, that a group known as the Shadow Klan wants to harness its power to create a weapon of mass destruction that is so great and should they succeed, they would hold the scepter of global rule.
Superpowers would fall under their dominance and their decrees with the broken wills of world leaders surrendering to bended knees.
With a corrupt pontiff who sees Kimball Hayden as a threat to his power, Pope Clement XV mobilizes the Vatican Knight without his team to retrieve the dark particle known as the Eye of Moses, in hopes that this will lead to Kimball’s ultimate downfall.
Forced to work in tandem with a guild known as the Consortium Group, Kimball Hayden quickly discovers that the Shadow Klan is the most notorious enemy he has ever faced in a high-stakes game where the consequences are enormous and the chances of succeeding are small.
Without the Vatican Knights by his side, will Kimball be able to retrieve a treasure that contains the power of Providence?
Did Pope Clement XV wittingly set Kimball up to fail?
Or will he forever take residence within the Darkness that he has lived in for so long without hope of redemption?

The Crimson Dagger #23
In Vienna, one of religion’s greatest treasures is stolen from the Imperial Treasury.
In Washington, D.C., Shari Cohen finds herself in a struggle between life and death.
In Austria, an elite terrorist faction commandeers a state-of-the-art high-rise.
When the Spear of Destiny is stolen by members of the Islamic State with its leader believing that the possessor of the Holy Lance has the ability to command powerful legions, they quickly find themselves in a position of ‘no escape’ inside a towering skyscraper.
Now that the power of the Holy Lance is in the hands of Ali Mustafa, he now finds himself with the opportunity to test its value and strength against those who dare oppose him.
At the Vatican, a corrupt pontiff sees the prospect of bolstering his political power by dispatching a team of Vatican Knights to acquire the artifact, which is now in the hands of a master terrorist.
But when the Vatican Knights make a hard run at Mustafa and his insurgent team inside the tower, they soon discover that they’re up against insurmountable odds from a dangerous menace above and an unconquerable threat from below.
Now hemmed in with Death surrounding the team from all sides, Kimball begins to wonder if he’ll ever see the woman that he loves not knowing that she, too, is in a personal struggle to survive.
Will the Vatican Knights claim the artifact?
Or will the willpower imposed upon it by Ali Mustafa become too great for Kimball Hayden’s team to overcome?
Will Shari Cohen survive her own battle to survive?
Or would an untimely death return Kimball once more to a Darkness he will never return from?

The Goliath Chamber #24
In a hidden chamber beneath an estate in Zurich, a tomblike vault is discovered containing the Unholy Trinity – Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet.
In Paris, an elite assassin resurfaces with the intent to raze three major cities through acts of terrorism.
In Rome, an old and deadly faction rises once again to remove Kimball Hayden permanently from the ranks of the Vatican Knights.
In Vatican City, the pontiff continues to cling to dark ambitions that places the seat of the papacy in moral jeopardy.
Once again, the Bangladeshi returns to discover his caretaker’s secret, a crate that holds the Unholy Trinity.
Now with the power to unleash them from their sarcophagus to spell true Hell on Earth, the elite assassin is on the move to turn the Vatican into the Kingdom of Flames.
As Kimball Hayden and his team of Vatican Knights try to rise to the occasion, Kimball soon discovers that he has become the subject of a targeted killing from an old enemy and a guild that has lived in the shadows for centuries, only to emerge once again to hunt down the Vatican Knight in a final contest.
With the Unholy Trinity about to raze Vatican City to scorched ruins, and as a deadly cabal hunts down Kimball Hayden with the blessing of the pope, the Vatican Knights quickly find themselves with their backs against the wall and the odds against them overwhelming.

The Vladorian Keep #25
Somewhere in the Apuseni Mountains, a member from Vatican Intelligence is running from a kill squad for the secrets he possesses.
In Cluj-Napoca, three priests are discovered impaled in the church’s courtyard.
From St. Michael’s Church in Transylvania, a nun goes missing.
In the Apuseni mountain range in Romania, it’s said that a fabled Keep made from the bones of Vlad the Impaler’s victims stands high enough to touch the sky.
At night, things run through the forest claiming those who get too close to the truth.
Some people call them demons and trolls known as the Vladorians – others say they don’t exist at all but are the creations of imagination.
So, when Kimball Hayden and his team of Vatican Knights are called to investigate, they discover a horror that’s far greater than folklore.
Does the Vladorian Keep exist?
This tower of bones?
Do the demons and trolls of mythology truly exist to hold the Keep safe?
Or is it something different altogether?
With the world now on the precipice of shifting global power to rogue states, it’s up to the Vatican Knights to discover the truth behind the fabled Keep and to stop a world-changing mission from upsetting the peaceful balance between all nations.

From bestselling author Rick Jones comes his newest novel of intrigue and non-stop action with award-nominated executive producer Ileen Maisel stating – Each of the 25 action thriller novels will leave readers gripped.
A global television series is currently in development.

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