Virago by Autumn Fleming


Virago by Autumn Fleming
English | 2021| Fantasy | ePUB | 7 MB

A woman of ambition and strength. She holds the future in her hands.
A power hidden deep inside.
A journey of hope.
The life of a legend.
How far would you go to save what you loved?
How far would you go to fix what was broken?
Aelwen has had enough of fighting in the dirt for a living and desperately wants to see her country, Corova, restored to its former glory. Just when all seems to be going well and success seems to be at Aelwen’s fingertips, a new enemy rises from the shadows and threatens to ruin not only Corova, but the world itself. Will Aelwen’s raw grit be enough? Or will she have to make more sacrifices and uncover what she’s buried in order to step into her true power?

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