Viridian Gate Online by J.D. Astra

Viridian Gate Online

Viridian Gate Online: Firebrand Box Set by J.D. Astra
English | 2020| Fantasy| ePUB | 3.2 MB

Get all three novels in the LitRPG epic Viridian Gate Online Firebrand series. New worlds get new kings, and that’s exactly what Abby thinks she’s found in her boss’ hacked code. With a cataclysmic asteroid careening toward Earth, the VRMMORPG project Viridian Gate Online has become more than just a game, and Abby thinks her boss, Robert Osmark, wants to be more than just its founding father. Now, Abby holds a hacked key to the kingdom that could earn her a punishment worse than death. To uncover the secret that drug lords and corrupt politicians paid millions for, Abby must dive into the game she helped create and team up with one of its AI creations. It’s a race against the clock as she tries to discover what’s hidden in the secret code before Osmark can crown himself ruler over all that remains of humanity. From Debut Author J.D. Astra and James A. Hunter—author of Viridian Gate Online, Rogue Dungeon, and Bibliomancer—comes an epic new entry into the Expanded Universe of Viridian Gate Online that you won’t want to put down!

Included in this box set:

Firebrand (Firebrand Book 1) by J.D. Astra

Embers of Rebellion (Firebrand Book 2) by J.D. Astra

Path of the Blood Phoenix (Firebrand Book 3) by J.D. Astra

The synthetic voice was more than enough to raise hairs. Osmark and his core team were at the pinnacle of AI creation, making things so close to real, they’d pass a Turing Test some humans couldn’t. So, why they had gone with a cold and jagged, easily distinguished AI voice for the office PA, I guess I’d never know.

I turned my attention back to the problem at hand, pushing and prodding at Osmark’s security systems, praying not to set off any alarms. Blocked, rigged, protected… damn it. There was simply not enough time to do this hack. I’d have to get creative, quick. I pulled the desk into standing mode, and my back straightened as my fingers gained their last purpose.

Selentium was from the days of old, it was automation script for the web, but I knew how to make it sing for any task. I cranked away, script after script, lacing together a fragile plan. Coroutines within subroutines emerged until finally I had it. My automated script would open the console and run command line to deploy my filesync to prod exactly five minutes after Osmark’s. Meaning I would be delivered a copy of that Scroll of Allegiance five minutes after he was and know exactly what he was up to with that secret area. Or that was my hope.

I’d have to pick my username carefully, as that was the only thing binding this code to my in-game persona. A few keystrokes, a username, that’s all that stood between Osmark and the likely tyranny of what remained of the human race.

The overhead PA system sprang to life again. “All employees, please be aware the Integration Room will be locked for your safety in fifteen minutes.”

Just enough time for a test run. I set the timer on the automated script to the current time and drummed my fingers, rat-a-tap, rat-a-tap, as it executed. Command prompts opened, filled with lines of code, and closed. I sighed as the deployment screen read, “Committing new code to production. Estimated Completion —> 280 seconds.”

I chewed on my bottom lip, watching the seconds tick down and not allowing other thoughts, self-defeating thoughts, to enter my mind. The server came back with the same error on line 241. Perfect. I changed the time back, set the computer to stay awake, and unplugged the monitor, just in case someone wandered through and felt like turning it off to save a few watts of power at the end of the world.

“All employees, please be aware the Integration Room will be locked for your safety in ten minutes.”

“I know!” I roared at the ceiling.

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