Visions of Forty by M.J. Kilmer

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Visions of Forty by M.J. Kilmer (Shades of Magic Book 1)
English | 2020 | Sci-Fi/Fantasy| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Life begins at forty…
Unless you’re an aging actress with a spectacularly humiliating and public end to your career, back waiting tables at your parents’ bar while hiding from your jerk ex-husband. Then there’s that whole murder suspect business because you maybe threatened the town’s biggest bitch —only hours before she’s found dead in your dumpster—that you’d skin her alive and use her corpse as a Halloween decoration.
So, you see what I mean? My life isn’t beginning, it’s on a downward slope headed straight for hell.
Also, because things can only get worse… I’m definitely losing it. Like, Lifetime movie crazy. I keep seeing things I can’t explain, and I’m pretty sure my new neighbor is completely off her rocker too. Not only does she believe me, but she’s got some pretty wild stories of her own— stories about me, the parents I never knew, and my supposed destiny. Whatever the hell that means.
Finding yourself back at square one sucks. Frankly, I just want to continue my personal pity party and skip my birthday all together. But what forty is about to bring is unavoidable… and I’m not talking about gray hair, sagging body parts, and buying ibuprofen and booze in bulk.
I guess midlife really isn’t too old to start over. And that’s exactly what I have to do… in more ways than I ever could’ve imagined.

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