Visus Verus by D.O. Thomas


Visus Verus by D.O. Thomas (Viventium Vol. #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 458 KB

West London has always been known as the quieter part of the city; this is true, for a human. But in reality, the western sector of London’s streets is home to those that rule over the supernatural world, where they hide in plain sight. The werewolves have their gated communities, the vampires reside within a subterranean utopia and the magic-wielding wizards, witches and warlocks study their arts right under the nose of general public. It has always been that way and because of this, there has always been peace.

A blue moon sits in the sky above dark, shifting clouds, its power hidden but still potent. When the light of that moon is exposed, everything will change. Noir, an information broker with his fingers in every pie, sets out to discover what the blue moon beholds and finds something beyond belief. With his discovery comes the realisation of a prophecy that spells disaster for the supernatural world.

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