War Dogs No One Left Behind by AJ Newman

War Dogs No One

War Dogs No One Left Behind by AJ Newman (Wounded Warriors of the Apocalypse 2)
English | 2019 | Apocalypse | ePUB | 2.0 Mb

War Dogs No One : When Jason Walker and his dog MMax are both badly injured during an IED explosion while serving in the European war in 2038, they are evacuated back to the United States for the chance to recuperate and heal. But before the two can reach the relative safety of their designated VA hospital in Tennessee, an EMP blast creates havoc and brings down their plane, leaving them alone and vulnerable amidst the chaos of a country that is on the verge of complete and utter social collapse.
Jason and MMax found their way home and found Jason’s parents alive and well. MMax and Jason were soon asked to go rescue his brother and sister. While Jason is busy trying to rescue his siblings, the evil one, Ray rears his head and tries to wreak havoc. Can MMax protect Jason during his quest or will both perish? MMax is one smart dog with military training to succeed.
Along the way to save his sister, Jason saves Kat from a horrible fate. She is the most stubborn, hardheaded, nice, and lovely women he has ever met. The pint-size woman stubbornly refuses to let the evil people of the world defeat her.
Can Jason and MMax find and save Jason’s loved ones and uphold No One Left Behind or will they be killed along the way?

“Again, I was amazed at how few lights there were in this suburban area. I only saw the flickering of a candle or perhaps a kerosene lamp in the distance a couple of times. I had traveled a couple of miles when I saw headlights behind me closing in quickly. I sped up to try to outrun the lights when I came around a bend and saw a fire in the middle of the road. It was a blockade.

I steered quickly off the highway into what appeared to be an industrial complex and hid behind a couple of large semi-trucks. The lights flashed by me and disappeared close to the barricade. My best guess was that we were about six miles from Michelle’s apartment.

I scratched MMax just above his tail. “Well old boy, we’ll have to walk on in from here.”

The closest building had a street-level garage door, so I broke the window of the nearest man door and cautiously sent MMax in to check things out. He didn’t alert. I followed behind him with my small flashlight enabling me to steer around pallets of boxes. I checked several of the pallets, and to my surprise; the warehouse was a paper products storage building. There were mountains of paper towels and more importantly, toilet paper.

I walked around the warehouse and didn’t find anyone or any dangers. The employee breakroom was intact, so I pilfered several of the candy and food machines. The sandwich machine stunk to high heaven, but the canned soup and snack machines were half-full of edible food. I pulled the tab off a can of orange soda pop and washed down two bags of Chili-Cheese Fritos. A Hershey bar was my dessert. MMax enjoyed a can of beef stew and a bottle of water.”

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