War of the Angels Omnibus by Michael Todd

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War of the Angels Omnibus by Michael Todd (#1-8)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Get the ENTIRE War of the Angels series in one boxed set! The War of the Angels has begun, and Hell hath no idea of the fury they have unleashed. Katie has decided that too many people are trying to play with power instead of doing what is right.

1. A Sacred Pact
Does she bite off more than she can chew when she makes a statement that upsets the World Council? Even the general is at a loss. However, with Pandora on her side, who is going to win if they argue with them? Whether it is possible or not, plenty try. How much of what Katie does is due to her recent heartache? In the end, the enemy steps up their efforts to bring down these sisters in heart and deed. Do they finally have the answer?

2. Katie’s War
Hell has decided to get political, and their efforts are directed at Katie. Unfortunately, Katie decides she won’t play their games, and leaves. Did she bite off more than she could chew when she made the statement that upset the World Council? Juntto and Angie are trying to work through their issues, but will it be enough? The strength of love is in people’s willingness to accept others as they are and recognize those who support you best. But sometimes even angels get this wrong. Will Katie and Pandora figure out how to get what they need to help the world without giving up their autonomy?

3. Baylahn
There is a deeper game being played, and it’s being played out with Pandora as the pawn. With Katie and Pandora going to the deepest depths to track down some killers, Pandora’s greatest temptation will be in her grasp. Can the two of them, plus help, figure out the real danger or will they encounter it without preparation? Further, will they figure out how to handle a Leviathan that is larger than New York City? Have the depths of Hell finally revealed a plot centuries in the making? Will Katie and Pandora trip something to throw all of their success into question?

4. Personal Demons
The guy down under is not pleased with the results of the attacks on Earth… While the high-level demons are being summoned, Katie, Pandora, and the team are trying to come off the high of having been inside a Leviathan. For once, nothing much is happening, so Katie is able to focus on demon rumblings in New York. Unfortunately, Pandora wants Slut-Girl to come out and play, so Katie has to deal with another head-slapping moment.

5. There Will Be Blood
There is one thing that can be counted upon—Pandora won’t keep her opinions to herself… There are changes happening around the world, and Hell isn’t giving up, even as they go through a few changes there as well. One of the Leviathans has risen, and this time it doesn’t walk around destroying property. No, it is much more insidious.

6. Can’t Touch This
“Under your watch, Lilith and her dumba** human brought the living nightmare into my home and it attacked me. Your plan didn’t just fail, it failed catastrophically.” Why is it that humanity can have their heroes, and another portion of humanity will have to hate and fear them? There is an army growing, and it isn’t one that supports good, but rather supports…something else. Pandora believes that not supporting donuts is a good enough reason to label them evil. Angie’s learning the saying “idle hands are the devils workshop” is twice as important if the hands are big and blue. Someone in hell is thinking of a takeover. With Lucifer out of the way, how would the demons play?

7. His Name Is Legion
His sister put her hand under his head and lifted it slightly. “Here, drink some of this,” she whispered to him. “It’s the only thing we have. It’s the last one.” There is ONE Leviathan left, and various groups are looking. Who will find it, and what will happen? There is an army growing, and Earth had better bet all of their marbles on the right team. Juntto is working on his social strategy for his YouTube channel, but he might be in over his blue head. There is evil in the world out of biblical stories. Will it be too much for Earth’s defensive groups, even when Katie and Pandora fight with them?

8. Pandora Rises
There are always plans within plans, but one thing Lucifer didn’t think to ask: Would God care about one angel fallen among the thousands? Pandora has made a decision, and it has only changed the future of a planet. It is time to find and take down the last Leviathan, except who knows where it is? There is evil in the world but there has always been a plan to beat it. Will the plan work, or will Earth finally succumb to the last Leviathan?

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