War of the Misread Augury by D.S. Halyard

War of the Misread Augury

War of the Misread Augury by D.S. Halyard (Black Griffin Rising #1)
English | 2021| Fantasy | ePUB | 6 MB

Gutcrusher is coming.

The King of All Ogres rises in the north, with Azha the Fury at his side and the immortal witch Khama Holle behind him, bloodying his rivals and threatening to crush the realms of men.

In the deeps of the Cthochi Forest, the shaman kills the bull, summoning all of his savage Aulig kindred to war against Mortentia. The blademaster Tuchek, his Mortentian son, must decide whether to betray his Aulig blood or betray the army he fights for.

Aelfric D’root, heir to the murdered Lord Hambar, must overcome the curse in his blood and restore the family’s honor, if the kingdom of Mortentia is to be saved. From battlefield to bloody battlefield, he carries the griffin standard of the Black Duke’s get, and if it falls, the kingdom falls.

From the back of the great eagle Sentinel, king’s eye Lanae Brookhouse carries the messages that hold Mortentia together, but when she is captured, she learns that the world is a larger and more deadly place than ever she knew. The life of the queen depends on her escape.


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