Ward of Wyvern by LJ Andrews

Ward of Wyvern

Ward of Wyvern by LJ Andrews (The Dragon Mage Book 1)
English | 2021 |Fantasy| ePUB | 6.7 MB

A troublemaking mage. A fire-breathing queen. A love that will bring their world to its knees.
Teagan Ward is running out of chances. Facing his third strike following a not-exactly-legal string of fun, he knows he’s lucky to be sent to reform school instead of serving time in magically warded prisons.
Jade Drake may be the queen of her people, but the smothering presence of her security team has the dragon shifter yearning for any kind of excitement. So when she feels an instant connection with the new guy, she’s determined to get closer, especially after he saves her from assassination—even if he doesn’t remember how he did it.
Waking from the incident covered in green tattoos, Teagan is stunned when Jade’s overprotective family insists he’s a mage. But the color of his tattoos could mean he’s the one fated to protect Jade or they might link him to a sinister sorcerer bent on destroying her kind.
With everybody fighting to keep them apart, will their bond be strong enough to defeat a treacherous evil?


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