Warrior Dawn by J. T. Skye

Warrior Dawn

Warrior Dawn by J. T. Skye
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.8 MB

A thousand years ago, began a cataclysmic war – the Brinlo to defend their slave trade at all costs and the fearsome Hogantha to end it – forever.

Today, alien first contact goes horribly wrong. The dreaded Brinlo arrive to enslave Earth and hide from their mortal enemy. Earth needs a desperate miracle and human champion to end the Brinlo occupation and the mass transport of human slaves to other planets.

Ex-Marine pilot Derek Hamilton is kidnapped and sent to the slave auctions on Cren Siblis. He kills his alien captors then joins with legendary, Hogantha warriors and alien, female partner, Peebo Lim.

Constantly on the run from killers, Derek and Peebo must use every ounce of skill and cunning to survive and complete their quest to find out when the Brinlo Armada will return ‘en mass’ to Earth.

Time is running out for Earth as they bribe, infiltrate and fight to acquire the one piece of data they frantically need. Then and only then can the mighty Hogantha Space Fleet strike the loathsome Brinlo ending the thousand-year war.

The fate of Earth hangs in the delicate balance of that epic battle, but ends with a terrible cost.

John and Derek Hamilton floated lazily in the bright cloudless sky above Patterson Pass Road and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory east of Livermore, California, just 45 miles from San Francisco.  Their very old, but well maintained, twin radial engine, propeller driven Douglas DC-3 lumbered on, gliding over the small housing area then in on its final approach to 25L, the shorter of Livermore’s two runways.

After a long, tiring, but productive trip, the two wheels of the plane gently kissed the tarmac of the runway as the plane touched down – smooth as silk from years of practice. John rolled the plane along allowing the tail wheel to drop down, slowed the big plane down, exited the short runway and taxied left to their low hanger, with its new light green paint and sign proclaiming this as the home of Hamilton Air Freight

John eased the large plane to a halt outside the big hanger doors, the two big engines gasped, shuddered and sputtered to a halt. Derek turned to John and said, ‘Well guy, this is it! Vacation time at last. I can’t wait.’

John just smiled from ear to ear, ‘I hear you. This will be our first vacation in two years. I didn’t think starting our freight company would be so tight or tough. With those new contracts next month, we can finally save a few bucks. God, I need this vacation.’

After closing up the plane, they walked across the black tarmac towards the hanger. Heather Lear, their young administrative assistant, bookkeeper, office manager and girl Friday, rushed out of the office door to greet them.  ‘Welcome home.’ She added, jokingly, ‘How are the world travelers? Bring any presents from far off lands?’



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