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Warriors, Wizards, & Rogues

Warriors, Wizards, & Rogues by Jeffrey L. Kohanek (Fate of Wizardoms Prequels)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 4.4 MB

Three fantastic character adventures revealing details untold in the Fate of Wizardoms series.

A Warrior’s Curse: Twenty years before the Fate of Wizardoms epic, Brogan Reisner was a young warrior, assigned as personal protector to the crown prince of Pallanar. Follow Brogan’s story, a hero burdened by many regrets.
Wizard University: Narine is a troubled teen, desperate to prove herself to her Wizard Lord father. She and her bodyguard arrive at the University in Tiadd, one to train as a master wizardess, the other to hone her combat abilities.
Discover what happens when a princess, sheltered in a palace her entire life, meets a male wizard her own age.
Legend of Shadowmar: When presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, young and arrogant Jerrell Landish cannot refuse. Teamed with a renowned warrior, this thief embarks on a quest hundreds of adventurers have attempted. None ever returned.
His mission: Locate a legendary castle, defeat the guardian protecting it, and obtain the hidden treasure.
If only he knew what lurked in the castle ruins. If only he understood the dangerous nature of the treasure he sought to claim.

Laughter came from a brown-haired man leaning over the yard railing. At twenty-one, Rictor Ueordlin was a year younger than Brogan and two years younger than Theodin. Among the youngest to graduate as a master wizard, he also happened to be Crown Prince of Pallanar. Despite his position and magical abilities, Rictor was enthralled with combat, had trained with a sword but was never allowed to spar. It would be poor form to risk the heir to the throne, even if deaths in the sparring ring were a rarity. Rictor’s laughter cooled and he chimed in. “I have spent many hours watching Brogan duel. He treats all opponents as if they are darkspawn.” “Is that your secret?” Theodin asked Brogan with a sidelong smirk. “No secret. Just superior skill.” A snort came from Theodin as he approached the rail. “You are solid with a sword, but you lack the finesse of a true master duelist. Still, in a fight to the death, I would take you over Dirk Delmont. He might be lethal with his rapier, but he, as well as any other duelist I know, lacks your ruthless approach. There are no style points awarded in true battles. You either live or die, and that is the truth of it.” The prince nodded. “Aye, Theo. And that is why Brogan is my Protector. If he can’t keep me alive, nobody can.” Brogan pulled off his helmet and pushed back the brown bangs stuck to his forehead. Tucking his helmet beneath his arm, he looked into Rictor’s eyes. “I would sooner die than see harm come to you, my prince.” “This, I know well,” Rictor replied. He ran his hand through his thick, brown hair. “Serranan’s trial is tomorrow and is bound to be dreadfully boring. A night of libations seems in order. Did someone mention ale?” “Yes,” Theo said with a grin. “And I distinctly recall Brogan offering to pay for the first few rounds.” “What?” Brogan’s voice rose an octave. “I said I would buy you one ale. I said nothing of rounds.” “Hmm.” Rictor put his finger to his chin. “As I recall, Brogan said he was looking forward to buying rounds the entire evening.” Brogan rolled his eyes. “This feels like collusion.” Turning toward the sparring grounds, Theo shouted, “We are heading down to Parwick’s Den. Brogan is buying. Who wants in?” The eight Gleam Guard and four soldiers-in-training all turned and shouted enthusiastically, expressing their wish to join. A groan slipped out as Brogan muttered, “This is going to get expensive.”

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