Wasted in Love by Allan Wilson

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Wasted in Love by Allan Wilson
English | 2019| General Fiction| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Set against a backdrop of menial employment, escape into alcohol and an unflinching belief that life has the potential to offer so much more, Wasted in Love explores the tragedy and humour that exists in the everyday lives we lead. Whether they are starting out in life or having a cold moment of realisation, Allan Wilson s poignant vignettes are powerful, unflinching in their honesty and full of dark humour. We see the real world of love; couples fight, break-up, make-up and fall in and out of love. Lies, suspicion and betrayal haunt them. But when they come together in love, can they escape and rise above their problems? Wasted in Love explodes onto the page with vivid, heartbreaking stories and stunning prose. This much anticipated and praised collection is a brave exploration of the human condition from one of the UK s most exciting writers.


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