Waves In Time

Waves In Time

Waves In Time by Hal Tenny
English | 2012| Fantasy| ePUB |1.3 MB

Waves In Time is a collection of science fiction short stories. This collection isn’t so much about the subject of time itself. It’s more of a journey through different points of time. From the pre mankind era on earth in “Second Chance” to the wild west in “A Week From Sundown” and “Some Kind Of Monster Thing” and on to “Coming For You” and” “Shortcut To Farside” which take place in the future.

Some of the stories cover issues we deal with in our everyday lives. “Coming For You” explores a lighter look at the single minded determination with which we kill each other in war and what we might put ourselves through to accomplish it. The sometimes hilarious “Shortcut To Farside” touches on the same single mindedness with which we might pursue.


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