We Were Just Kids: Once Upon A Time in Belfast by Lee Cern (ePUB)(MOBI)

We Were Just Kids: Once Upon A Time in Belfast by Lee Cern

English | 2018 | Mystery/Thriller | Series: N/A | 1.10 MB

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Belfast is a city of fear and suspicion; each day brings more deaths. Children and teenagers exist in a battlezone of chaos. Riots are commonplace, and for some the only sanctuary are youth clubs and childhood games in the old derelict homes.
Now teenagers, they’d grown together experiencing the joys and sadness of having to grow up too quickly, too soon in the madness that has engulfed the city of their birth, normality a thing of the past now. Inseparable, and sharing more than most, their camaraderie without question, standing by each other in many things, but two of them share a secret. They tried to save the life of a British soldier and the four are among those arrested following the killing.
Major Boyd, an observer to their interviews is quick to identify the two would be saviours. His instinct telling him they have a sense of justice and keen to recruit them.
They two small boys should have been at the evening mass, instead, they played football losing all sense of time, as the day passed into night caught up in the joy of a game. The disused pathway offers a shortcut home, a light from the furnace room triggering their curiosity. They peek through the door, and soon they’re running in fear. The football and lighter left behind, clues to who they are. They must be found before they can talk. The Fatman has ideals that don’t fit with mainstream ideology. He can’t allow anyone to ruin his plans,and like his in-laws, the Maginn’s is a gangster and informer.
Emma Whelan is the first to suffer the Maginn’s viciousness in pursuit of her young son Seamus and his friend Barry, who are soon captured, interrogated, tortured, and discarded, Fat Dan Shannon’s orders to burn the bodies are ignored.
Vince Feeney has a sit down with the Provos. ‘Return my son and the other boy,’ he tells them.
Soon he’s dead, a hood over his head and a bullet in the brain on a lonely mountain road, and Shannon’s journalist now earning her money. Smearing the father in death as a British agent who used the boys to pick up drugs from loyalist paramilitaries that he then sold for profit.
The coroner is appalled at the injuries to Seamus Whelan. Barry Feeney’s injuries are similar and closer to death than the living, and like his friend missing the big toe from his right foot.
A phone call from London orders Boyd to have the Feeney boy immediately relocated from the private army hospital to the public one. Sensing, that the corrupt special branchmen are behind the move to protect their murderous informants and cover their own backs. Boyd reveals his suspicions to the consultant Mr Westhouse, and his registrar Valerie Beda, appealing for their help and a conspiracy quickly formulated.
The consultant speaks to Belle Feeney explaining it’s only the machine keeping her boy alive, there’s no hope, and after deliberation, the widow requests that she switches the life support off herself.
Barry Feeney’s death gives birth to Anthony Gibson. Boyd quickly arranging new id and relevant paperwork for the boy, but told by Valerie Beda he’ll have no more access to him for his future safety and can only ever contact her by phone.
The Feeney funerals follow soon after Seamus Whelan’s. Belle Feeney unaware she’s been duped. Soon though, Provisional IRA intimidation become unbearable and she announces to her daughter Ciara they’re leaving for Liverpool. An argument ensues, and in her madness attacks her daughter, prevented from doing her any serious damage by Detective Morgan. After Belle is sedated and placed in a psychiatric facility. Morgan arranges for the Doyles to take Ciara in. On a whim, he shows her the lighter cap found near her brother’s body.
She recognises it but stays silent, knowing who owned it, who’d bought it, that she’d stolen it and who had it last.