What She Knew by Miranda Rijks

 What She Knew

What She Knew by Miranda Rijks
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6.7 MB

I live in West Sussex, England, with my husband, our musician daughter and black Labrador.

They thought they buried their secrets with her. They were wrong.
Life has been good to Stephanie. Married to college professor, Oliver, with two adorable children, she lives in a lovely house, surrounded by beautiful things.
It hasn’t always been like this.
Nine years ago, Stephanie’s flatmate Alison vanished, presumed murdered. It was a horrible time, and Stephanie tries hard not to think about it.
But when a TV researcher working on a true crime series wants to interview her about the case, Stephanie is forced to confront the past and recognise that she has a deep need to answer one burning question – what happened to Alison?
It soon becomes clear that someone doesn’t want her digging for the truth and is willing to do anything to conceal a shocking web of lies. As her perfect life unravels, Stephanie realises that by opening a door into the past she has woken a sleeping monster. And now her own life is on the line…


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