When a Stranger Comes to Town Anthology by Michael Koryta

When a Stranger Comes to Town Anthology

When a Stranger Comes to Town Anthology by Michael Koryta (Editor), Authors (Listed Below)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller |ePUB| 7 MB

The latest Mystery Writers of America story collection, featuring surprising, page-turning twists on the genre from some of the top bestsellers and award winners in crime fiction.

It’s been said that all great literature boils down to one of two stories—a man takes a journey, or a stranger comes to town. While mystery writers have been successfully using both approaches for generations, there’s something undeniably alluring in the nature of a stranger: the uninvited guest, the unacquainted neighbor, the fish out of water.

No matter how or where they appear, strangers are walking mysteries, complete unknowns in once-familiar territories who disrupt our lives with unease and wonder. In the newest collection of stories by the Mystery Writers of America, each author weaves a fresh tale surrounding the eerie feeling that comes when a stranger enters our midst, featuring stories by prolific mystery writers such as Michael Connelly, Dean Koontz and Joe Hill.


  • Solomon Wept by S.A. Cosby
  • Relative Stranger by Amanda Witt
  • Seat 2C by Alafair Burke
  • Kohinoor by Smita Harish Jain
  • Avalon by Michael Connelly
  • Here’s to New Friends by Jacqueline Freimor
  • Room for One More by Joe R. Lansdale
  • Exit Now by Emilya Naymark
  • A Six-Letter Word for Neighbor by Lisa Unger
  • Howard’s Heart by Bryon Quertermous
  • Perfect Strangers by Tilia Klebenov Jacobs
  • Do You Remember by Lori Roy
  • Assignment: Sheepshead Bay by Paul A. Barra
  • P.F.A. by Michael Koryta
  • Genius by Elaine Togneri
  • Russkies by Jonathan Stone
  • A Different Kind of Healing by Steve Hamilton
  • Tokyo Stranger by Tina deBellegarde
  • Last Fare by Joe Hill


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