When Doubt Creeps In by L. C. Hayden

When Doubt Creeps In

When Doubt Creeps In: A Harry Bronson Suspense Thriller (Harry Bronson Mystery Thriller Book 6) by L. C. Hayden
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3 MB

Highly acclaimed author L. C. Hayden is the creator of the popular Harry Bronson series. Her release prior to What Lies Beyond the Fence is When the Past Haunts You, a thriller that hit the Kindle Police Procedural #2 Best Seller List and was a finalist for the Watson Award for Best Characters. A previous Bronson release, Why Casey Had to Die, became an Agatha Award Finalist for Best Novel and a Pennsylvania Top 40 Pick. Besides being an accomplished author, Hayden is a popular speaker who is often in demand. She has done workshop and school presentations, has spoken to clubs and organizations, and has worked at several major cruise lines speaking about writing while cruising all over the world. From October 2006 to October 2007, Hayden hosted Mystery Writers of America’s only talk show, Murder Must Air.

What happens when you choose the other path? All the tell-tail marks erupt around Bronson. Mike, Bronson’s best friend, isn’t returning any calls. Mike’s partner is murdered and the weapon used belongs to Mike. Two stolen Egyptian statues worth $5 million find their way into Mike’s possession. Mike is determined to make quick money so he can retire now. Mike’s acquaintance with ruthless gang members and his quick rise in the chain of command in a den of questionable characters fills Bronson with fear. All of these happenings tell Bronson Mike has gone rogue. But deep inside, a seed of loyalty prevents Bronson from accepting the facts—facts Mike is quick to trample on. Has Mike gone rogue and will Bronson be able to help him? Bronson wants to believe in his friend, but When Doubt Creeps In …


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