When I’m With You by Monica McCallan

 When I'm With You

When I’m With You by Monica McCallan
English | 2021|Romance FF| ePUB | 7 MB

Monica McCallan was an enthusiastic fan of romance novels before she began writing them. Her first and second novels are out, and she’s already hard at work on her third novel. Writing is her passion project, and she currently lives in the Bay Area, working at a startup which gives her lots of great inspiration for the settings and storylines of her contemporary romance novels. She lives with her partner and two tiny dogs, cannot parallel park to save her life, enjoys playing pool a few times a week, and has enjoyed every second of the craft beer explosion these last few years.

Kennedy Ryan likes her life neat and orderly. Growing up in a big, rambunctious family, all she’s ever wanted is a little peace and quiet. She may not love her job, but she knows what to expect from it. And maybe she’s never been head over heels for any of her boyfriends, but they’re stable and practical. In her world, a life well-lived is a life well-planned. And there is nothing that gets under her skin more than the chaotic energy of Brooke Nicholas.

After an adolescence filled with unpredictability, Brooke Nicholas never got in the habit of expecting things. She managed to finish college, moved to Philadelphia, and lucked her way into working at a hip wine bar after graduation. Other than that, she takes life one day (or night) at a time, choosing to spend her time meeting new people and enjoying the moment.

Kennedy and Brooke have circled around one another for years without growing close, and it takes getting stuck together during a post-graduation trip for Kennedy to finally realize she may have only scratched the surface where Brooke is concerned. A growing friendship, an abandoned puppy, and no one to act as a buffer between them is going to upend a lot of ideas Kennedy had about her perfectly crafted world. And it’s going to terrify Brooke because, for the first time in her life, she feels like maybe she’s found a home.


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