Where Bodies Lie by D.K. Greene

Where Bodies Lie

Where Bodies Lie (Killers Club Book 1) by D.K. Greene
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.3 MB

Peter Wilson is exactly who he wants to be.

He has the career of his dreams, a beautiful woman at his side, and a lifetime of opportunity ahead of him.

More than twenty years ago, Oliver “The Godless Killer” Roberts was found guilty of a killing spree that spanned decades.

Their worlds collide when Inspector Douglas arrives on Peter’s doorstep with a message…

The calculating serial killer is ready to give up the locations of more bodies. But he’ll only tell one person where they are.

His son…

Peter Wilson.

“My mom died when I was twelve.” Peter tries to appear sad, the way someone who lost a parent should. The funny thing is, despite the lies he’ll tell Jeanne over the coming weeks, this story is true. But after so many years without her, he’s not torn up about it anymore.

Jeanne’s face takes on the same practiced sadness Peter’s expressing. “And your father?”

“We don’t talk.” Peter fidgets in his chair, unsure of whether to say more. His thumb twitches more noticeably now, and he clamps his other hand over it to keep it from jumping around his lap. The words he wants to say wrestle on his tongue. Eventually, he blurts out, “He’s incarcerated.”

Jeanne takes the information in stride. It must be strange to spend every day talking to people with crazy families. Peter imagines someone in Jeanne’s profession eventually reaches a point where nothing is shocking anymore. “It must be lonely without friends or family to talk to.”

Peter’s nodding his agreement before he realizes it. It is lonely being the only one who knows who he is. Who he was before. “I have a girlfriend.”

“What’s her name?” The pen in Jeanne’s hand becomes still, poised over the paper in preparation of cataloguing his relationship status for future reference.

“Elsie Baker.”

Jeanne smiles. He sees her recognition that she’s found a topic to get Peter talking. He wonders if she’s looking forward to the rest of the session passing by without the pair of them staring at one another like the awkward strangers they are. “How did you meet?”

“We met at a cemetery.” Peter looks toward her pad as it fills up with scribbles and wonders how much truth he wants to tell her. He waits for Jeanne to comment on how a cemetery is a strange place to find love, but she’s better than that.

“Did someone you know die?” Jeanne turns her mouth down in another sympathetic frown.

“An acquaintance. I didn’t really know him. My dad did.” Peter stops short of telling Jeanne that he’d only known the man as Victim 32 until the day before the memorial service. There’d been a full page spread in the paper. A surveyor measuring plots for a new housing development had stumbled across what little was left of him a decade after his disappearance. His bones rested among a collection of unidentified bodies for years, until somebody working cold-cases had the time and technology to identify him.


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