Where the Trees of Ages Stand by Angela M Hudson

Where the Trees of Ages Stand

Where the Trees of Ages Stand (Evernight Fae Book 6) by Angela M Hudson
English | 2020 | Young Adult | ePUB | 4.1 MB

Angela M Hudson is the romantic fiction writer of amazing fantasy worlds. You can find information here about her vampire series, Dark Secrets, beloved and read world wide over the past ten years, or the new dark faerie series, The Evernight Fae.

Cami faces the worst years of her life in this spellbinding continuation to the Evernight Fae saga.
Someone she loves deeply is dead. Can she ever get past his betrayal?
And a mystery surfaces around a gathering of sacred trees. Can this novice mage figure out the puzzle before the beloved city of Aerie falls? Or will she be left alone in a crumbled world that can never be the same?


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