White Hot Silence by Henry Porter

White Hot Silence

The End of the Line by Gillian Galbraith
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 2.5 Mb

An ex-MI6 agent is out to rescue a woman from his past who was kidnaped by the mob in this thriller from the CWA Steel Dagger Award–winning author of Firefly.

On a deserted road in Calabria, Greek aid worker Anastasia Cristakos is driving to visit one of the new refugee centers funded by billionaire Denis Hisami—whom she has recently married. She slows down to greet two African migrants she recognizes. Only too late does she realize they are not her friends. This is an ambush. Hours later, Anastasia wakes up on a container ship, powering eastwards across the Mediterranean. She’s been abducted as bait to get to her husband. Denis has explosive information that his Mafia enemies have already killed for—and would be willing to kill for again. To find and rescue his wife, Denis turns to former MI6 agent Paul Samson. There’s only one snag. Paul was, and probably still is, in love with Anastasia. “Porter handles every aspect of the complicated plot . . . with keen intelligence and compassion.

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