Wicca Kitchen Witchery by Lisa Chamberlain


Wicca Kitchen Witchery: A Beginner’s Guide to Magical Cooking, with Simple Spells and Recipes by Lisa Chamberlain
English | 2017 | Non-Fiction > Food & Drink
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Overview: In myths and folklore from virtually every culture around the world, food has been associated with magic. And it’s no wonder why—after all, all food originates within the sacred bounty of Mother Earth! Kitchen witchery, also known as “kitchen magic,” “pantry magic,” “culinary wizardry” and other names, is the art of intertwining food and magic. And although this practice may be as old as human history itself, it has seen a resurgence in recent times among the Wiccan and larger Pagan community. Indeed, kitchen witchery is a natural pursuit for Wiccans, Witches and other Pagans who have an affinity for cooking. 

Yet this magical art is also practiced by people who don’t practice magic in any other context, and who may not even consider themselves to be Witches or Pagans of any stripe. These cooks simply work with an attitude of reverence for the Earth, intuiting the transformative energies of foods, and using what they have to create nourishing, magically powerful meals in highly creative and individualistic ways. 

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