Wicked Throne by Amaya Black

Wicked Throne

Wicked Throne by Amaya Black (Wicked Throne 1)
English | 2021|Romance| ePUB | 6.8 MB

He was a mafia prince who dared to steal a southern belle’s birthright. Hell’s about to be raised.
The first time I ever laid eyes on Thierry Scarpetta, I orgasmed.
He threw a ring at me and said we were engaged.
My father had proposed a marriage that would unite our crime families, and I had no say in the matter.
It was to keep me safe after he was gone because girls don’t have enough power.
However, when Thierry looks at me, I know I’m anything but safe.
Thierry is playing by a set of rules only he knows.
But if he really wants my throne, he’ll have to fight me for it.
In the end, I’ll be the one to rule Atlanta.


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