Wild Hunt by Linsey Hall

 Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt (Shadow Guild: Wolf Queen #2) by Linsey Hall
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2 MB

Linsey Hall is the author of the Mythean Arcana, an adventurous paranormal romance series set in Scotland and other exotic locales. Before becoming a romance novelist, Linsey was a nautical archaeologist who studied shipwrecks from Hawaii and the Yukon to the UK and the Mediterranean.

My secret is out, and the Alpha knows what I am.
ite ten years of secrecy, Lachlan has figured out that I’m his mate. And he’s not pleased that I’ve been hiding from him. Nor is he pleased that I escaped from his cell. It’s hardly my worst problem, though.
There’s a killer after me. Multiple killers, if our source is to be believed. And they’re determined to find me. As much as I want to run a hundred miles from Lachlan to avoid the mate bond, it’s too dangerous. I need his help to find the people who are after me, and there’s no way he’d let me go, anyway.
As much as I hate it, we’re going to have to team up to stop a madman. The hunt forces us into close proximity, and despite our best efforts to resist each other, it becomes harder every day. It’s going to take everything I have to resist him, but I must–especially if I want to stay clearheaded enough to find the madman who is hunting me.


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